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珍貴的 衛星AO51-QSL卡(最後晚餐)

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珍貴的 衛星AO51-QSL卡
收到BG7MNV 11月13日經業餘衛星AO51通聯QSL卡
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重點在官方網站已宣佈 AO51 死亡
November 29, 2011

It is with a heavy heart I report that AO-51 has ceased transmission and is not responding to commands. The last telemetry data indicated that the third of six batteries was approaching failure to short, and observations indicate the voltage from three cells is insufficient to power the UHF transmitters. The IHU may continue to be operative. Initial tests with the S band transmitter were also not positive, although more attempts are in order. We have tried leaving the satellite in an expected state where if voltages climb high enough, the 435.150 transmitter may possibly be heard.

The command team will regularly attempt communications with the satellite over the coming months (and years). There is always the possibility that a cell will open and we could once again talk to our friend while illuminated. Thanks to all who helped fund, design, build, launch, command, and operate AO-51. It's 7 year mission has been extraordinary. Please support AMSAT's Fox-1 project, and other AMSAT projects worldwide with your time and money.

For the AO-51 Command Team,

73, Drew KO4MA
AMSAT-NA VP Operations
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00    AO51是最多使用的業餘衛星-.jpg
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